Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts

Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts

We humans are so lazy that we find a way to do work in short time. Or we may be too hurry that we use shortcuts. So gmail has created a keyboard shortcuts that helps us during using our gmail. A normal person should give his/ her 2 minutes to learn these shortcuts. There are total 25 Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts.

To use those 25 Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts, you need to follow these simple steps to sign in first

  1. You want open your browser. There you want to open google. In google, you need to look for gmail or you may click on this hyperlink open the gmail domestic net page. There you can create your new account and join up. Or you may sign on.
    gmail keyboard shortcuts
  2. Otherwise you could direct go to login web page. Through clicking on “sign on” bar which may be seen on pinnacle proper nook. Or you may click on in this hyperlink to go to login internet page.
  3. There first you need to enter your email address and click on next. In subsequent step, you may input your password. When you input your password, you want to click on next another time. Then after that, you may open your gmail account.

Now the main steps starts here:

  1. In the home page of your gmail account, you will see many features. You will also see settings gear like icon then need to click on that icon and options will be seen in the pop up. You must  select settings. There after selection, you will open a page with many tabs and section.
  2. There you need to see for “Keyboard shortcuts” under the General tab. you will need to scroll down a little in order to see keyboard Shortcuts.
  3. You will see two options: Keyboard shortcuts off and Keyboard shortcuts on. You will be off in you need to choose the next option which is turn on. After you change, you need to save the changes by clicking “Save Changes” button at bottom of the page.

Then you can use the Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts. You may don’t know the Shortcuts, so:

  1. 7 Most Useful Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts For the “Inbox View”: Select a continuous series of messages (Shift), Select a random series of messages (Command), Select all unread messages (Shift + 8 + u), Archive selected messages (e), Mark selected messages as important (=), Compose (c) and Search for messages (/)
  2. 12 Most Useful Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts For “Conversation View”: Reply (r), Reply all (a), Forward (f), Mark current message as unread (Shift + u), Mark selected message as important (=), Archive selected message (e), Jump to newer email (k), Jump to previous email (j), Jump to next message in an email thread (n), Jump to previous message in an email thread (p), Mute the never-ending-and-not-important thread (m) and Jump back to inbox view (u)
  3. 6 Most Useful Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts For “Compose View”: Insert link (Command + k), Insert numbered list (Command + Shift + 7), Insert bullet points (Command + Shift + 8), Bold / Italicize / Underline (Command + b / Command + I / Command + u), Switch between send name, subject line, and body of email (Tab), Send Email (Command + Enter)

You can learn shortcuts from these.

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